At Ascot Lloyd we understand how important this decision is about the future of your business. After all, it’s been your obsession over the years, so finding the right home for it is a big deal. Obviously getting the sum you want is important - but just as important is finding the right environment for you and your people and ensuring your clients are looked after.

Why Us

Nobody ever got into this business with an ambition to deal with regulation and administrative tasks all day. You want to work with clients to give them solutions that will help them prosper.

So we give our advisers all the central support that a firm like yours might need, including: finance, compliance, IT, business development and marketing.

We also provide an in-house DFM and platform for those who need it, along with technical support in specialist areas such as tax and pension transfers.

But that’s something you can tap into if you feel it’s right for your clients.

Access to whole market

We’re independent so we’re free to offer our clients access to the whole market - to make sure they genuinely get the solutions that are the right fit for them.

Retaining staff and offering improved benefits

Building a successful advice business is all about the people. People who know what it takes to keep clients happy. That’s why our approach is designed to ensure that all the people that matter to you are given the right incentives to motivate and retain them.

Growth and progression

We want to give your staff every chance to progress and grow post-deal. We’re great believers in the idea that better employees make for better businesses, so we do everything we can to support their growth.

The journey

We buy both businesses where the owner is looking to exit in the short to medium term, and for people who are looking to stay on and grow their firms; harnessing the opportunities that being part of Ascot Lloyd brings. Every business is unique, so every deal we do is carefully tailored to the needs of each individual seller. We pride ourselves on:

Transparent acquisition process

You can expect total transparency throughout the process, with no unwanted surprises or trust-breakdown due to a lack of communication or understanding.

Minimising disruption to your clients

We do everything we can to minimise disruption in the transition. We guarantee there are no immediate fee changes for your current clients and no requirement for them to move to in-house solutions.

Support and integration

We work closely with sellers throughout the sale process (and beyond) to ensure that the transition to Ascot Lloyd is seamless, which is why we have a purpose-built integration team to support you through the transition.

Simple deal structures

As part of our drive for transparency and fairness we work hard to make the structure of our deals as straightforward as possible.


We are flexible in the way we structure deals to ensure they are aligned to the seller’s needs. Offering a variety of options to reflect specific requirements.

We stand behind our offers and are well-funded

There’s nothing worse than going through a deal process and having the offer pulled at the last minute – especially when it transpires that the funding isn’t there - it’s a waste of everyone’s time. We always stand by the offers we make.

Joining Ascot Lloyd – Bob Bradley

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