Life changing events can be a source of financial uncertainty. Some milestones, like buying a home, are planned, but others are out of our control. Whether these events are positive or negative, they will likely have a significant effect on your financial circumstances.

We know every person has their own specific circumstances and requirements, therefore our team of independent financial advisers are always available to provide tailored expert financial guidance and support.

Financial advice for getting married

Marriage is a common part of everyday life that involves combining lives as well as finances. Whether it’s merging assets, setting up joint accounts or buying a home or maybe it’s a second marriage, maybe children from different relationships of the past as well as family assets and inheritances, understanding your financial situation is important

Financial planning and advice can help map out big life goals as a married couple and implement the right investment strategies to achieve them.

Financial planning when starting a family

From the arrival of your first child to sending your oldest off to university there are financial implications. Family financial planning is beneficial for short and long-term planning as well as preparing for a range of circumstances, such as:

  • Budgeting for day-to-day expenses
  • Maternity or paternity leave and pay
  • Childcare
  • Higher education
  • Fertility treatments
  • Insurances – to provide for those that depend on you the most

By discussing your plans with a financial adviser they can help you understand your goals and how to prepare for the future using tools to look at cashflow modelling.

Advice when buying or selling a home

If you’re thinking about purchasing your first house or are in the process of selling, working with a professional adviser to lay out your plans is really beneficial. You may need expert advice on the following, for example:

  • Property insurance
  • Buy-to-let investments
  • Property taxes
  • Equity Release
  • Gifting property to loved ones

At Ascot Lloyd, our specialist in-house mortgage team is at our disposal. Our independent financial advisers offer financial advice for buying a house, including assessing your mortgage affordability, comparing and selecting suitable products, and helping with the mortgage application process.

Important - Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Financial advice when receiving a large sum of money

When you receive a large sum of money, either through a work bonus, redundancy, lottery win or an inheritance, it's crucial to consider potential tax implications and take appropriate measures to protect and grow your assets.

Speaking to a professional financial adviser can help you make informed decisions and try to maximise the value of your money.

Financial advice during a divorce

Settling your divorce or dissolving your civil partnership may result in significant changes to your financial situation, making it important to keep your financial well-being top of mind.

From splitting marital assets such as property, investments, bank accounts or pensions to planning how you’re going to support yourself in this new chapter of your life, seeking financial advice during divorce can offer you and your loved one's peace of mind throughout this sensitive time and for the future. We have access to the latest tools such as cashflow modelling which can be used to model what your financial situation look like post separation.

Financial advice when dealing with the death of a spouse

The death of a spouse is devastating and can be even more distressing when faced with critical financial decisions. 

You may be worried about sorting out your late partner's life insurance or estate, whether or not to downsize your home, or even what to do with shared investments such as combined pensions. Seeking financial advice after the death of a spouse may help to ease the pressure of making these tough financial choices, during a very difficult period in your life.

Important - The FCA does not regulate estate planning.

Additional Resources for Support

Whether you are going through a potential life changing situation or other circumstances that are making you feel vulnerable, its important to seek support.

The following resources could help;

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