Workplace pensions are the cornerstone to any employee benefits package. Whilst they are a legislative requirement, it is essential that they not only meet your objectives and budget but are also seen as competitive and attractive to your employees. Our dedicated team of pensions experts and independent financial advisers can help you with all aspects of workplace pensions, from establishing new schemes to servicing and adminstering an existing scheme. We can also support scheme transfers and Trustee training.

Establishing new workplace pension schemes

A workplace pension needs to be tailored to your business to suit you and your employee’s needs.

When recommending the best solution for you we search the whole of the market and consider cost, tax relief methods and compatibility with your payroll system, as well as your overall people strategy and how you want to support your employees.

Servicing, administration and governance of existing schemes

Our dedicated pensions administration team provides a range of services to relieve the administrative burden of running a workplace pension.

Pension fund accounting and treasury services

Our trained professionals can prepare the draft annual scheme reports and accounts and manage the audit process as well as deal with the day to day management of the scheme financials.

Pensioner payroll services

Fully integrated with our primary pension administration software, we can offer a full pensioner payroll facility to deal with all the necessary requirements including a helpdesk for pensioner queries.

Web-based member and client services

This service provides clients and members with web-based access to the latest scheme information and documents.

Pensions scheme transfers

Most pension schemes enable members to transfer their pension pot from one scheme to another. This may occur if an employee leaves one company to join another. Our highly experienced independent financial advisers will provide the appropriate advice and planning for individual members to ensure their pension pot(s) are invested in the right places.

Trustee training

Our team of pension's experts can provide you with the relevant training and guidance to ensure your board of trustees have the appropriate knowledge and understanding to effectively manage and administer a trust based occupational pension scheme.

We will provide training on all aspects of the law relating to pensions and trusts to ensure you are compliant.

Workplace pension contributions

As an employer, you are required to make contributions to your employee's pensions, along with the Government, which contributes in the form of tax relief.

The level of contribution you choose can form a valuable part of your employee benefits package and help to attract and retain employees.

Auto enrolment

We support our clients in selecting a solution that best suits the business needs in line with their staging date and provide ongoing support and advice.

We can also review your existing auto enrolment solution to ensure it continues to meet your needs. It may be that a new arrangement will be able to provide you with a more comprehensive structure.

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