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For individuals

Through face-to-face or telephone based financial advice, we help you develop lifetime financial plans that factor in your short, medium and long-term objectives.

Building your financial plan with the right advice. Effective financial planning will protect you now, and in the future, and prepare you for whatever lies ahead.

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Investments help you grow your wealth to fund what you want to do later in life.

Whether you are new to investments or want to re-evaluate your portfolio we can help you.

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A pension plan is designed to help you to retire when you want to and provides you with the income you need to live the life that you desire after retirement.

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Taking on a mortgage whether to buy your own home, or for investment reasons is one of life's biggest financial decisions. The mortgage market is complex, competitive and selective. We can provide independent mortgage advice and help you find the right product to suit your specific needs.

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No-one likes to think about the worst happening and it can be easy to put off arranging cover until it's too late. However, having the right cover in place will ensure you're protected should the road ahead get bumpy.

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For business

As a business we can help you grow and protect your profits, attract and reward your employees and achieve your financial goals.

Financial planning for a business will help you create a personally crafted financial plan that can help with decisions that enable your company to utilise unused capital to your best advantage.

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Workplace pensions are a complex subject and, if you get it wrong can lead to legal and financial difficulties. Learn more about our services for workplace pensions below.

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Group Employee benefits can not only attract the right candidates to your company but also help retain your best people.

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By spreading the risk of relevant insurances throughout the whole company, cost savings can often be made.

These safety nets protect the company and the staff.

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Business protection is a range of insurance products to help protect your company and its directors, assets and employees.

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Planning for retirement can be one of the most important things you’ll face.

Creating a retirement plan and choosing the right pension products early enough will help to ensure you have regular income to draw on in retirement. An Independent Financial Adviser will help you plan ahead so you keep on track to have the retirement you desire.

Building your pension pot

There are a wide range of pension options available and your employment situation may change many times during your life.

We help you work out how much you’ll need in retirement. As you save, we can help your pot grow by taking into account your work place pension and add any additional requirements you might need to get you where you want.

Adapting as your life changes

We’ll also help you to adapt your pension plan depending on whether your life circumstances change along the way, and how you want to take into account your family and later life plan for yourself. 

If you build a number of pension pots we can advise you on how to bring them together and the best path.

Retirement is a fact of life. Everyone needs to consider what plans to put in place.

As you retire

When the time comes, we’ll work with you to put in place your income plan, taking into account your state pension and any draw-down options from your other pension plans.

We’ll help you work out what you need each month and year to maintain the lifestyle you want and do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Having peace of mind

We’ll also talk to you about tax implications and mitigation as well as your wider investment plans, so that you have a suitable adjustment of your broader financial plan taking you into later life.

You will be able to enjoy the things you want to in life and have peace of mind.

How to access our independent financial advice

Advice at home

Arrange to see an independent financial adviser at home, work or your local Ascot Lloyd office.

How to access our independent financial advice

Advice over the phone

Receive independent financial advice over the telephone or video call when convenient.

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Financial freedom is important to us all.