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You've worked hard to build some financial security and stability. You may have a nest egg that's building up to give you the independence you want today as well as tomorrow.

Perhaps you've collected a range of pension pots as you've worked for different employers.

Creating stability and assurance is key, particularly when life may have thrown you some curveballs.

A lifetime financial plan can help you protect you and your loved ones now and in the future.

Unfortunately divorce can happen and you may find yourself with the pressures of moving home, and pressures on your finances.

Or perhaps you've had the misfortune of facing redundancy just when you thought you'd built the security and professional standing you worked hard for.

You work hard, your family's needs are changing, you now need to assess your financial plans.

You might be considering a career or lifestyle change.

We don't all want to be climbing a corporate ladder or facing those long commutes to stay away from home, as we mature.

Imagine a life where you could reap some of the benefits for your hard work now, whilst protecting yourself and your loved ones for the future.

How you decide to help your growing children into early adulthood and getting them off on the right footing won't be the same as when you did it.

Funding university, paying for the wedding of their dreams, indeed helping them onto the housing ladder themselves may all be looking very much a reality and looming fast.

You thought you were comfortable and had plenty for the future, now there appear to be many new drains on your finances, not least the ever demanding tax burden.

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