Mortgage advice for every need

Taking on a mortgage whether to buy your own home, or for investment reasons is one of life’s biggest financial decisions. Our experts provide independent mortgage advice to find the best product that is right for your specific needs.

Because we are independent, we source products from the whole market and often have a access to special rates that aren’t available in the open market.

The Ascot Lloyd mortgage advice service

From a mortgage for a non-conventional build to a remortgage to secure a more competitive deal, we will find the most competitive deal for your needs.

First time buyer mortgages

There are a range of options available to support first time buyers get on the property ladder. However, due to the nature of some of these mortgages, choice is often limited to a small number of lenders. We can help you to find the most competitive mortgage for your needs including:

  • First-time buyer mortgages
  • Guarantor mortgages
  • Help to buy mortgages including equity loan schemes and shared ownership mortgages
  • The right to buy scheme


Whether you have reached the end of your existing fixed term deal or want to raise money through remortgaging, we can help you find the best deal for your needs.

Buy-to-let mortgages

Buy-to-let properties remain a desirable investment for many people wanting to create additional income, particularly in retirement. We take time to really understand your needs and objectives and if a buy-to-let property is going to help you to achieve your financial goals, we will secure you a competitive deal. Our buy-to-let mortgages offer a loan to value (LTV) ratio of 75% as standard.

Let-to-buy mortgages

Let-to-buy mortgages involve releasing equity/deposit from your current home towards the purchase of new residential property. Letting out your property could allow you to move into a new home without feeling pressure to sell in a rush and potentially at a loss.

Lifetime mortgages and equity release

Lifetime mortgages are a type of equity release product that allows you to free up ‘equity’ from your property in one lump sum or in multiple withdrawals without the upheaval of moving home. This cash can be used for a wide range of purposes including travel, home improvements or supporting loved ones with their own home deposits. Lifetime mortgages are available for those age 55 years or older.

Mortgages for non-standard construction

Most lenders will only lend on standard brick, tile, stone and slate construction properties. If the property you are looking to purchase/re-mortgage fits outside of this criteria then you can consider the option of ‘non-traditional’ properties.

Bridging loans

Bridging loans are considered as a short-term funding option. They are used to ‘bridge’ a gap between a coming debt and the main line of credit becoming available. These loans act as a short-term solution in pressing circumstances that help you to buy before you’ve sold your existing property.

Rate switches

If your current mortgage rate is due to expire and don’t have enough time to arrange a new rate, then rate switches are an extremely fast and simple solution. Our highly qualified mortgage team can often arrange these on the same day.

Mortgages for people with a poor credit history

If you have poor credit history such as adverse credit, CCJ and missed payments, our mortgage team can support you in finding the best way for you to secure a mortgage and support you in your future house purchase.


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