Helping you to grow your wealth

Whether you are new to investments or want to re-evaluate your existing mix, we can help. Our expert advisers will develop a personal investment portfolio with a risk level that reflects your financial ambitions. Your portfolio can be created using current available cash or by transferring assets currently held in other tax wrappers such as pensions and ISAs. We always ensure that you continue to receive the existing beneficial tax treatment, or enhance it by innovative financial planning ideas.

Managing investment risk

To assess your risk level we consider you attitude towards risk against your capacity for loss. It is important to remember that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to managing risk.

Initially, we assess your feelings towards investment risk and establish the investment returns you expect. We then compare these against the actual investment history of different asset types. This ensures your investment portfolio contains the right spread of risk and aims to produce the returns you anticipate.

The next stage is to consider your capacity for loss to establish how much you can afford to lose before you begin to feel unsettled or you are adversely impacted.

Finally, we construct your portfolio which will incorporate a well diversified range of investments. Once in place, the different investments and their performance are monitored and any additions or replacements are promptly made. This style of investment management aims to produce consistent results. These results can be easily assessed from the regular reports or by logging on to view current values yourself.

Keeping charges low

Our approach means that you no longer need to ‘chop and change’ traditional investments when performance inevitably ‘dips’ every few years.  This is due to our professional management and ongoing monitoring that our philosophy incorporates. This brings a number of benefits to you including:

  • minimising any associated initial charges
  • reducing overall costs
  • improving the chances of consistent returns.

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