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Ascot Lloyd - Here to Help

We're here to help

Everyone has had to adjust and change their lives, whether at home or work in recent times.

People, communities and businesses alike have shown amazing community spirit to each other, to neighbours and to friends.

Ascot Lloyd is no exception. We are here to help our clients, our staff and local communities; no matter what.

We would like to share some real stories that show the compassion our people have had and how they've helped however they could.

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Coping with difficult times

Meet Cath. A keen gardener, Cath is happiest when pottering outdoors, come rain or shine.

Following the sad passing of her father, Cath then tragically lost her husband Henry. With her mother suffering from dementia and two family deaths so close together, Cath was struggling to cope.

The couple had been clients for more than 30 years and so Cath turned to Bob, her trusted Independent Financial Adviser for help. Bob was able to support with all the financial implications of Henry’s death but as an adviser with an in-depth understanding of their history, he was also able to provide the emotional support that Cath desperately needed. He had become a family friend too over the years.

With the pandemic taking hold of the country, Bob stayed in touch and although Cath’s parents weren’t clients, Bob was able to support Cath with their finances too. This became all the more poignant when Cath’s mother sadly passed away later that year.

Whilst the last year has been incredibly difficult for Cath, she has, at least, some peace of mind that her finances are all taken care of. So, she can concentrate on taking care of her beautiful garden, helping her find some solace in nature and plan what lies ahead for her.

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When family comes first

Meet Geoff. 85 years old and happily enjoying retirement, Geoff whiles away time in his daughter’s coffee shop. A very proud dad with a rather sweet tooth.

Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, Sarah’s hard-earned business was badly affected. With the coffee shop on the verge of collapse, Geoff was anxious for her and keen to help her find the funds she needed to keep her business afloat.

But he wasn’t sure how. The widower had worked and planned all his life for a safe and secure future for him and his family. However, his investments were part of his retirement income. And whilst he owned his beautiful home in Buckinghamshire, he had planned to leave the property to his children to provide for their future.

Having worked closely with Sheetal, his Independent Financial Adviser for some time, Geoff knew exactly where to turn for help. Sheetal organised for Marie, one of our specialists, to help Geoff release some of the equity from the family home to support his daughter when she needed it most. Working with his solicitor, Sheetal also helped Geoff adjust his will to recognise his early gift to his daughter.

Thankfully by doing things as quickly as possible and taking advice, Geoff was able to remain in his home and minimise any additional cost like further tax. He could carry on enjoying his retirement and relax knowing he had done everything he could for his family, now and in the future.

A proud Dad with peace of mind during the pandemic.

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Seizing the day

Meet Gail and Tim. Avid golfers and dedicated to their lifetime careers in the events industry. A solid and enjoyable career, until now.

When Coronavirus struck, the couple were hit hard. With all events cancelled and an uncertain road to recovery, the future looked gloomy for Gail and Tim.

The couple decided to reassess. Like so many, the pandemic had given them time to reflect on how valuable and short life can be. Following the tragic loss of a recently retired friend too early, Gail and Tim were determined to seize the day and enjoy life, whatever it threw at them.

They were particularly keen to explore early retirement and enjoy more of their favourite hobby, as well as spend time with their beloved grandchildren, so they got in touch with Aaron, their Independent Financial Adviser.

Aaron sat down with them to help them visualise different options and financial scenarios that would help them see the choices they had. With the possibility of future contracting work and taking into account how much they needed to live on and how much they owned already, Aaron helped Gail and Tim work out how they could semi-retire.

With a plan in their pocket and a golf-ball in hand, Gail and Tim are now living life to the full. They can while away hours on the golf course, plan future holidays abroad and spend precious time with grandchildren, confident that they have enough money for a fulfilling future too.

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Going the distance

Meet Elsie. Occasional pianist at her local care home, Elsie lights up when playing the piano to her fellow residents; a remarkable escape from her dementia.

Elsie has a number of investments and trust funds which pay for her care but, with her daughter, Francesca, living in Australia, Elsie’s accountant was the co-trustee.

When Elsie’s accountant died unexpectedly, there was suddenly a gaping hole. There was no-one to act as a signatory and no-one to administer Elsie’s finances including her care home payments.

Without anywhere else to turn and feeling further away than ever, Francesca got in touch with Elsie’s Independent Financial Adviser, David.

David, who had kept meticulous records over the years, managed to trace the now retired family solicitor and lasting power of attorney. With David’s help, Francesca and the solicitor were able to work together to resolve immediate issues so that her care home bills could be paid.

With travel restrictions making home visits unlikely any time soon, Francesca was incredibly grateful for David’s help, as he sorted it all out from a distance. She now has peace of mind knowing that her mother’s financial affairs are in order and Elsie can remain in her care home, keeping everyone’s spirits up with her memorable melodies.

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Ascot Lloyd - Here to Help

Helping our people

We are proud of the national IFA firm we’ve become, now with over 500 employees, but it is each and every individual here that matters and makes a difference.

Like our clients, our people have to continuously adjust to new ways of working and remain adaptable and committed no matter what.

We help them, so they can continue to help you.

We now have very flexible ways of working with a blend of phone, video and face to face meetings and working from home or in the office. Our staff enjoy a good work-life balance whilst we remain dedicated to being open for clients however they wish to talk to us.

Some of the little things have made a big difference.

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Some of the little things have made a big difference

Ascot Lloyd - Zooming in on what's important

Zooming in on what's important

However clients choose to talk to us, or how we talk to each other is now a matter of convenience and choice. Zoom, Teams, Facetime and WhatsApp help us all stay connected to each other.

Ascot Lloyd - Staying well and positive

Staying well and positive

We work hard to keep everyone safe and well, whether in the office or working from home. We encourage fun at work and doing things that make a difference like charity volunteering and taking time out for rest and exercise. We offer flexible working too as we all know families and busy working lives can be hard to juggle.

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Ascot Lloyd - Here to Help

Zooming in on what’s important

We talk about being a national firm, but it is our local presence and support for communities that keeps us in touch. We have offices and Advisers across the UK, and we dedicate time to supporting local charities and community initiatives.

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Making a difference

  • Street Paws
  • Crisis
  • World Cancer Research Fund
  • Child Poverty Action Group
  • The Trussell Trust
  • Bowel Cancer UK
  • Samaritans
  • Book Trust

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Ascot Lloyd - Here to Help

Inspiring individuals

Finally and perhaps most inspiring of all is that we are proud to know that the people who work for Ascot Lloyd are the sort of people who just like to help, however they can.

Of course Ascot Lloyd can’t take recognition for the great things our people decide to do off their own back, but what we can do is give them time off to do these wonderful things.

And that makes us very proud of them.

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Ascot Lloyd - Inspiring stories

Inspiring stories

Ree Josh

Ree got involved with the local foodbank and coordinated a collective village effort to provide regular support for families in need.

Angela Anthony

Angela, who has volunteered with St John's Ambulance for 20 years, raised over £3,000 for the charity to support the national effort during the pandemic.

Caraline Winsor

Caraline offered her local shop keeper a place to stay during lockdown so he could protect his keyworker family and keep his shop open for the vulnerable village community.

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Ascot Lloyd - Inspiring stories

Inspiring stories

Richard Adams

Richard offered mental wellbeing support to peers and delivered shopping to those shielding in his local community.

Caroline Moore

Caroline donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust to be made into wigs for children going through chemotherapy.

Melanie Hall

Melanie created a magical fairy trail along her local footpath to bring joy to walkers and their children during lockdown.

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Ascot Lloyd - Here to Help

Thank You

As we see the dawning of a post-pandemic world and new optimism, we’d like to thank our clients for staying with us and supporting us, letting us help them in whatever way we could. And we’d like to thank our employees for their commitment and versatility, coming together to show that, as individuals and as a team, we’ve been able to stay resilient and make a difference.

And of course we’re open for business to help anyone wishing to now look at how a financial plan can help you map out your life’s journey to a happy place in the future.

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