Financial services careers

The benefits of a career in the financial services?

Financial services is one of the largest industries around the world and it touches our lives in so many ways. Everyday bank accounts enable us to safeguard our money and safely access it around the world; financial lending helps us to secure the bigger purchases in life; investments help us to save for the future whilst a wealth of products exist to protect everything from your mobile phone to your family during times of misfortune. In the UK alone, the industry provides one in 14 jobs and plays an important role in tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges such as international development.

Opportunity and choice

There is a wealth of opportunities within Ascot Lloyd and the wider financial services sector. The industry offers young professionals an incredible amount of choice and room to explore and develop. Globalisation has had a significant impact on the financial services with the UK, and London in particular, being a dominant player in the global financial market; today there are over 200 foreign banks with offices in the UK. The longevity of the industry in the UK is heavily reliant on the success and activities of organisations around the world from India to America and everywhere in between.

Lucrative rewards

The financial service industry offers the opportunity to build a career that is relevant now and in the future, work in a fast paced environment with constant innovation and be rewarded with a highly competitive salary.  Many companies also provide strong employee benefit packages to reward and motivate their employees.

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