Our history

85 years of professional financial care

The nucleus of our firm began back in the 1930’s in a time of uncertainty and when personal and professional service was highly valued and indeed, expected.

The firm was called GHM Financial Services Ltd and was acquired in early 2004  by Richard Dunbabin, Founder of Ascot Lloyd, shortly following which the name was changed to Ascot Lloyd Financial Services Ltd.

The firm grew organically and merged with a number of other IFA’s culminating in the merger with Planitplus an IFA that had been built up by Pat O’Hara.

Pat and Richard continued to build Ascot Lloyd Financial Services and purchased PFP in 2015 to form the group Ascot Lloyd is today. A Group whose commitment to personal and professional service remains as strong as it was in 1930.

Our vision for the future

At Ascot Lloyd we believe that knowing your financial future and plans are sorted means that you can really live your life today. We also believe that to achieve this you need a great relationship, not just with your financial adviser, but with the whole company so no matter who you speak to, you get the same quality service and professionalism from people that know you.


2016/2017 year end tax planning

2016/2017 year end tax planning


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We’ve always worked on building genuine relationships with clients. We take the time to get to know you and pride ourselves on being able meet face to face whenever possible.

A real person, not a faceless call centre worker

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