Personal Asset Management

Preserving capital and generating returns

Ascot Lloyd Private Office offers an advisory  investment management service. It is predicated on the firm belief in the importance of capital preservation and the generation of real investment returns.

Client portfolios are typically bespoke but will normally incorporate the following types of assets:

  • High quality and objectively creditworthy bonds;
  • Defensive and well diversified equity investments and funds;
  • Uncorrelated funds, typically systematic trend-following funds;
  • Real assets, notably the monetary metals, gold and silver.

Client portfolios can be held in the form of SIPPs, ISAs, other pension arrangements or unwrapped brokerage accounts.

We utilise one of the most sophisticated investment platforms available in the UK. From this platform we can invest across onshore funds, direct equities, investment trusts, exchange-traded funds, offshore funds and other investment structures. We are by choice unconstrained in our approach. Our primary benchmark is cash, because cash is the only asset class that cannot decline in nominal terms.


2016/2017 year end tax planning

2016/2017 year end tax planning


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We’ve always worked on building genuine relationships with clients. We take the time to get to know you and pride ourselves on being able meet face to face whenever possible.

A real person, not a faceless call centre worker

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